Monday, March 23, 2009

Fresh Look at the Past

Wow! I haven't visited my own blog in so-o long.. It's nice to be able to review my previous goals and say with confidence, I've achieved them all but 1. It's now spring of 2009. Over 2 years since my last post!

In the beginning this was to be a sort of online running diary for me... A way to leave a legacy if only for those who knew me. Even more so now, it's become a benchmark from which I can watch my progress, measure my growth and relive my achievements!

The only task from this list of goals I've yet to achieve, would be enrolling in a Project Management Professionals course..

Being 2 years this update will fail to provide the details which must come, to fill in the space between my last post and now.

All I will say is, Life has been an adventure. Every year getting better than the last. Right now I'm on the cusp of grand things. Just needs some determination and a willingness to ride the rapids of time.

I look forward to coming and doing a full proper update. Until then, take care everyone and as always...

Keep Smiling!



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