Monday, July 10, 2017

Unlocking Your True Genius - With Leslie Nolan

Today we are joined by Leslie Nolan, an entrepreneur, visionary artist and motivational speaker.

She’s founded Leslie Nolan Design - an award winning graphics studio in practice for over thirty years - where she now works with creative entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo or inspiration and helps them reclaim their power so they can find the courage to create their Greatest Work.

Through the magic of painting she helps clients uncover their true genius so they can stand empowered and shine.

She mentors and shares her knowledge, giving workshops, visiting schools and colleges, teaching privately and assisting online educational programs to a world-wide audience.

Leslie’s is also a Contemporary Symbolist, whose visionary paintings have been showcased at The United Nations World Conference for Women Against Violence.

I’ve asked her to join us here today to talk about tapping into our inspiration, motivation, learning about ourselves and uncovering our true genius..




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