Friday, December 29, 2017

Top 10 Lessons From 2017 - Happy Holidays PLUS Important News To Help Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever - With Daryl Urbanski

Thank you for joining us.. My name is Daryl Urbanski, your host as always… Today we’re doing something a little different.. As you noticed, there was no intro and right now there is no guest here today. It’s just me here on my own with an important message for you.

Now, the first item on my list.. I want to wish Happy Holidays to you, your loved ones and all our listeners around the globe. We’ve had over 240,000 downloads across 128 different countries!


2018 is just a few days away… I have an exercise I’d like us to do together to help make sure it’s one of YOUR best years ever.

Please don’t just listen, but actually take the time to follow along. You’ll need a pen & paper or something you can type on.. Your phone or laptop or something.

But before we start that, a few follow up items and announcements...


Check out this episode!


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